• August 2004 Jeanne's first tune made the Suggested Artist list for Song of the Year Songwriting contest.

    The Suggested Artist is a songwriter that the Song of the Year Staff found impressive and would suggest for listening.

  • In June 2005 Jeanne was named Finalist by Song of the Year songwriting contest.

    The Finalists are the top four rated songwriters, after the winning song, in their respective categories. These songs are all sent out to the Song of the Year contacts for further consideration.

    Song of the Year (http://www.songoftheyear.com) is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1's Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including Grammy Award winners.

  • In November 2005 Jeanne's song Did I Forget to Say Thank you? was chosen as Feature Artist on The Stage Pacific Songwriting Competition.


  • In 2006 Jeanne received two honorable mentions: One for Freedom is the Greatest Gift of all ( Pacific Songwriting contest) and the other for Proud to be an American (United we Roll World Tour Radio Show Song Contest)

In addition to this recognition, Jeanne has received many encouraging words from those in the music business over the last couple of years. One such letter from a publisher said the following:

"Jeanne thanks so much for your submission. I do not often make this comment, but these are truly great songs. They are well written, well focused, and for the most part have an excellent flow. My only problem is I don't have a market for them. I would like to commend you on a great writing style and would be interested in reviewing any other material you may have."

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