After earning a Master's degree in music, Jeanne began her professional piano career. She played at hotels, lounges and clubs all over Philadelphia, Memphis, and Boston, from the Navy Officers club in Philly to the Country Club in Memphis to the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. Jeanne performed all kinds of music from pop to classical.

Jeanne retired from performing in order to raise a family and when her daughter was three years old enrolled her in Suzuki piano lessons. Jeanne became captivated by this method and spent thirty years teaching the Suzuki Piano Method. A key element of the Suzuki Method is that the parents assist the child both at lessons and home practice.

In 1998, Jeanne put her experience and insight about how parents could best help their children learn into a very successful series of newsletters and workbooks. In addition to that, Jeanne developed a seminar business and has traveled all over the United States giving hundreds of parent education seminars to Suzuki parents and teachers.

In 1993, Jeanne began the production and direction of a musical show called Broadway on the Green Waterbury, Connecticut. While the program has mostly featured show tunes, Jeanne has always included one set called For Love of God and Country, consisting of religious and patriotic songs. Jeanne's Bulldog, Sweet Pea, has particpated in BOG for several years and is one of the favorite participants.

Sweet Pea sings Broadway

In 2004, Jeanne composed her first tune for the show called Did I Forget to Say Thank you? It has since become published, but alas not recorded. In June 2005 it was Song of the Year finalist and Featured Artist Song for the Pacific Songwriting Contest.

Did I Forget to say Thank you and succeeding tunes Freedom is the Greatest Gift of All and We'll not Forget, performed originally in the BOG show, were written for all those who defend our country, our freedom and our way of life. Jeanne's tunes reflect the values of patriotism and faith that were part of her upbringing in western Kansas.

Though Jeanne moved several times because of her husband's education and work and ended up a New Englander she still remains a Kansan at heart. As they say you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.

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Jeanne Luedke and her bulldog Sweet Pea
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